This article is a quick glance on how to configure Nexus 5K for Fiber Channel over Ethernet   Configure VLAN

Conf t Vlan 1010 Fcoe vsan 10 Name Fabric_A

  Configure vsan database

Conf t Vsan database Vsan 10 vsan 10 interface fc1/35

  Configure virtual fiber channel

interface vfc11 bind interface Ethernet1/11 switchport trunk allowed vsan 10 no shutdown

  Add vfc to vsan database

Conf t Vsan database Vsan 10 interface vfc 11

  Configure Ethernet interface to allow vsan vlan

interface Ethernet1/11 description BRM-VM1 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk native vlan 999 switchport trunk allowed vlan 101-105,1010 spanning-tree port type edge trunk

Configure Device Alias

BRM-5K-1-R3# show flogi database -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERFACE VSAN FCID PORT NAME NODE NAME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- fc1/41 10 0x3e0000 20:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 20:80:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 [msa_ctl_A1] fc1/42 10 0x3e0041 24:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 20:80:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 [msa_ctl_B1] vfc11 10 0x3e0060 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:93:b1 20:00:b0:5a:da:02:93:b1 [vm1_P1] vfc12 10 0x3e0080 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:63:11 20:00:b0:5a:da:02:63:11 [vm2_P1] vfc13 10 0x3e00a0 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:53:f1 20:00:b0:5a:da:02:53:f1 [vm3_P1] Total number of flogi = 5. device-alias database device-alias name vm1_P1 pwwn 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:93:b1 device-alias name vm2_P1 pwwn 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:63:11 device-alias name vm3_P1 pwwn 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:53:f1 device-alias name msa_ctl_A1 pwwn 20:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 device-alias name msa_ctl_B1 pwwn 24:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 device-alias commit

Configure Zone

zone name vm1_to_msa vsan 10 member pwwn 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:93:b1 ! [vm1_P1] member pwwn 20:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 ! [msa_ctl_A1] member pwwn 24:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 ! [msa_ctl_B1] zone name vm2_to_msa vsan 10 member pwwn 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:63:11 ! [vm2_P1] member pwwn 24:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 ! [msa_ctl_B1] member pwwn 20:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 ! [msa_ctl_A1] zone name vm3_to_msa vsan 10 member pwwn 10:00:b0:5a:da:02:53:f1 ! [vm3_P1] member pwwn 24:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 ! [msa_ctl_B1] member pwwn 20:70:00:c0:ff:27:09:d7 ! [msa_c

  Configure Zoneset

zoneset name Fabric_A vsan 10 member vm1_to_msa member vm2_to_msa member vm3_to_msa

  Activate Zone

zoneset activate name Fabric_A vsan 10